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Happy Planner: Weekly Update

Something a bit different this week with my Happy Planner layout.  This week is a really hectic week for me in terms of social events (a rare occurrence trust me!) so I wanted something that wasn’t too busy and just recorded all the details I needed.

Since starting using my Happy Planner I have been contemplating trying planner stickers. I know there’s a lot of love in the planner community for stickers and, in particular, completing whole layouts with stickers sized especially for planner boxes.  This is not something I’ve tried before as I have always worried that this would be a bit restricting so I thought I would ease myself in to the world of planner stickers this week with a simple layout.


A quick search online brings up tons of amazing free printable stickers for planners but one set in particular caught my eye.  These super cute and fun stickers are by the super talented Stephanie at Make and Tell.  The range is colourful and I love the hand drawn graphic style of them….also who wouldn’t want a martini glass in their planner?!  You can find these stickers on the Make and Tell site here where the designs can be downloaded and printed.  Confession time, I don’t have fancy sticker paper so had to print them onto plain paper and do a bit of leg work (or rather hand work) by cutting them out carefully and sticking them down.


So here is the finished layout, it’s very different to what I’ve done before but I really like it, simple, fun and colourful!  The washi tape is from Tiger and then everything else is from Make and Tell.  Job done!




Do you use stickers in your planner layouts?  I’ve found loads of great Etsy shops selling planner stickers, can anyone recommend any in particlar?



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